Treatment Plan


Each patient undergoes a series of test & treatment protocols. Vision tests are very important as they are the only means of measuring the success of the treatment.


Personal information & history of disease are recorded. Vision tests are performed. Based on the findings, it is assessed whether this technique will help.


Suitable patients are given a series of 6 treatments over a 2-day period.


A second vision test is performed. Comparison of the two tests shows if there has been improvement in vision. Over 90% patients show improvement after 2 days.


Three treatments are given each day for 6 days. This will further improve the vision or help retain the vision improvement

1. This procedure is completely safe and painless.
2. No needles are placed anywhere near the eyes.


Patients are taught to perform self assessment of vision which needs to be performed at least once a month by the patient at home. In case of any decrease in visual acuity patients are advised to come for follow up treatment.


Worldwide clinical experience is that over 90% of patients treated show an improvement in their visual acuity or vision field. In the remaining 10% the vision loss due to disease may be halted or stabilized which in itself is a significant achievement.