"My daughter had Macular Scar in her left eye and Retinal detachment in right eye. The best treatment by leading eye specialists could only give her partial vision.
Left eye: 20/50 & Right eye 20/150
We had lost all hope and her studies were suffering.
After the full course of
MicroSystemt Acupuncture treatments, her vision is
Left eye: 20/20 & Right eye 20/40.
She can read and write now and will not miss her studies. It is a miracle!"

Patient: Ms Neelam Ranakoti
New Delhi
Dear Doctor,
I have been suffering from R.P. since a long time. Through Good Housekeeping we came to know about the treatment and I attended the sessions here from 16/7/06 to 25/7/06. My vision was very low before the treatment. I was not able to read even the headlines of the newspapers. After the treatment, I regained my vision to a certain extent. Now, I can read books reasonably well.
All the staff members of this clinic were very cooperative and I thank each of them for their kind cooperation with me.
I hope the clinic will bring more and more people to regain their lost vision.
I wish you all the best.

Molly   25 Jul 2006
"After two sittings I started noticing a change, After four days I could read the newspaper. I had 10 days of this wonderful treatment."

Mrs Aruna 79 years
New Delhi
"I could only read newspaper headlines, but today, after two weeks of MicroSystemt treatment, I can read the fine print."

Sneha Uppal, 49
New Delhi
"I came here with total disappointment but I am going out with confidence. (After 12 days of MicroSystem Acupuncture  treatment).
Since starting my treatment here from 25.11.2005 following are my achivements till date (08.12.05):
 1.   Right eye - which was totally blind. Now I can see upper Two Lines (20/250).
 2.   I am more confident in driving after sunset and can walk quite briskly keeing in mind obstacles of even 2"
 3.   Left eye:  I am almost perfectly normal - 6/6 as I can read the chart - 2nd line from last (20/25).
Thanking you
Yours sincerely

Prof Dr. N.P. Singh
President: Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists (1972)
National Co-ordinator : Resuscitation Council of India-since Dec 2001
Dr. B. C. Roy Awardee (1984)
Consultant in Critical Care & Emergency Disaster Medicine
Convenor: National Association of Critical Care Medicine
Editor : Asian Archives of Anaesthesiology & Resuscitation
Formerly : Prof & Head Department of Anesthesiology & Resuscitation, Lady Hardinge Medical College & Associated Hospital. New Delhi - 10001