To Dr. Chopra and everyone in clinic 4.
“CA big thank you to every one”
You give the happiness and courage to disabled.
May God give you all that is required to give light to all and everyone who need it so earnestl.
God bless everyone who are so near and dear to our hearts.

Mr. Aggarwal
  07 Sep 2006
It was a wonderful experience. We had got tired and frustrated of listening, "No treatment" from a number of hospitals and doctors, and then came to know about this treatment through Net. And for the first time in many years my daughter said yes there seems to be a bit of improvement on the very next day of treatment. Thanks you Dr. Chopra. Thank you very much. You probably don·t know what a wonderful job you are doing giving a ray of hope to the people who have become helpless.

Doctor or a magican"
I never thought I could hope again.
I never thought I could see again.
I don·t have words to express
what I feel today
But God bless you
and I hope that every person gets the same (if not more) who comes to you.

Dear Dr. Chopra,
At first I was unsure about this R.P. treatment as I have looked for treating this problem for a long time.
I have attended regularly Moorfield Eye Hospital in London, where they always state that there is no treatment available. I go to the hospital every 8 months.
I advised the hospital about Microsystem Acupuncture, and they told me that it will not be effective.
Then I traveled to Delhi in India to Dr. Chopra·s clinic.
On the first day before any treatment, I was given a test to see what my current vision was like.
After 2 days of treatment, there was improvement in sight.
After 4 days, I could see more on the sides and not just in the centre.
I am now on my 7th day and vision is improving on daily basis.
I would like to thank all of the staff including Dr. Chopra for their hospitality during my treatment.
I will pass this info on to the Eye Hospital to advise them that there is improvement available outside the U.K.
Thank you,
Yours sincerely

Dear Dr. Chopra,
After leaving hope from Shree Dharayam, I came to Delhi to Dr. Chopra·s clinic for R.P. treatment.
On first day I could read only 3 lines from right eye and could not read anything from left eye.
On day 2, I could read 5 lines from right eye and 3 lines from left eye. I was surprised.
But, the thing was only that I could not get any inner feelings of satisfaction that I am really improving.
But hope for the best.
I would like to thank Dr. Chopra and his team for their support and co-operative nature. God bless you all with WEALTH, HEALTH.