A good and pleasant experience Dr. Chopra and Sister Lizzy are extremely nice and pleasant and do their work with a smiling face. There has been some improvement in my eye sight and with the exercises prescribed, I hope that my sight would improve further.

I am ....’s mother. His problem was he could not see very well with his right eye and gradually power was increasing a lot in his other eye because of this. We tried many things to improve his vision like patching his normal eye etc but there was no marked improvement. Then I heard about the acupuncture treatment of Dr. Chopra and brought for treatment to Delhi. Two days of treatment has showed a lot of improvement so we continued for 6 more days which showed a tremendous improvement in both the eyes. Now with his left eye he can read all the lines and with his right eye he can read upto 5th line where previously he could read till the first line only which is a marked improvement. We are really thankful to Dr. Chopra for this improvement.
Thank you, sir.

I have been a retina + MD patient since early years and saw my Mom and siblings suffer from the same. In the last 20 years, I have experienced and tried many types of investigations, treatments ---. Most of them left me more frustrated and helpless than where I started.
I stopped all attempts in the last 3 years almost gave up. I just could not go through that fruitless route again.
I guess, it was true that when one door closes, a small window open somewhere. To me, the Micro system Acupuncture done by Dr. Chopra, was the window. At least there was something that I could try again which had yielded results. This is what I thought when I started.
Having gone through the treatment I feel it was worth all the time and effort. "THERE IS IMPROVEMENT AND FURTHER HOPE". I can see things clearer and brighter, read a bit more and for where I started this is a big gain.
Thank you, is all I have to say.
All the best

Rashmi   10 May 2006
A good experience, getting medical treatment in such a congenial and friendly environment. Dr. Chopra’s friendly conduct and expertise promote a sense of optimism even among patients many of them young who have been to a variety of doctors and lost hope. Most fellow patients reported improvement in vision. God bless Dr. Chopra and his staff. They are doing a great service.

My two sons Mr.., 26yrs & ..,13yrs, have been successfully treated for "R.P " by Dr. Avnish. He has brought sunshine to the otherwise gloomy feeling to their lives. His rapport with the patients has been excellent and redeeming .
Thanking you

Vijayakumar   13 May 2006