I came here depressed because day by day my eyesight was decreasing. After a 2 days treatment, I could read better and after 8 days, I could see everything clearly. This treatment is simply amazing.... we have hope the world will not go blind... Million Thanks Dr. Chopra

Ms. Firdaus   08 Dec 2012
At first when I was diagnosed with RP and realized that I was going to get blind some day,I thought that it was the end of the road for me. But after this treatment,I now see that its true that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.Because I can now see more clearly and read a lot better, my vision has really improved. Thanks to Dr. Chopra, you are doing a great job

Ibrahim Bala khalit
Thank you Dr. Chopra,you help my son to face his life & see his future. In the beginning I was not believing that it (Acupuncture) works to that extent, it really works perfectly. Thanks a lot for your kind help & treatment

Dr. Ezzat Salem
After taking this treatment my daughter has got better vision for this I am very thankful to Dr. Chopra and his team. I also want to congratulate Dr. Chopra for doing the great job because its helps one to see the world with better vision.

Dear Dr. Chopra,
There is no doubt that this place has given hope to so many people who must have completely lost hope. My vision has undoubtedly improved. But whats made me happier is to see people come here with the least bit of vision left and leave telling their loved ones to let them walk and move around on their own coz they could see. It is success stories which keep everyone here going. For those read this, I would like to narrate an incident that Mrs. Chopra once shared with me. There was this lady who had given birth to a baby girl 3 years ago and came crying to Dr. Chopra that she had never seen her daughterâ??s face. After a few days of treatment, she called him up crying with joy that for the first time in her life, she had seen her baby daughter's face. All these stories give you a new hope to live and live happily and make it big. As of me I am going to live my life as normally as I can till whenever. The Only reason I wanna be well is to see my family happy esp. my Mom. I am never gonna give up on life and I am gonna make the most of it. Thatâ??s a promise to you and to myself. I pray for others as much as for myself, if not more I hope everybody who comes here with a tear leaves with a smile.
I would like to compliment you, Doctor for your cheerful and encouraging words, Mrs. Chopra, again for encouraging everyone, Lizzy for her sweet smile and Uma Maam who keeps everything in place plus everyone who makes this place run well and contribute in one way or more making such a lot of difference to peoples lives. May God bless all of us and you Doctor.
I have had a wonderful experience here meeting such nice people and seeing them improve their vision by the day. It makes me so happy. I pray for all of us in the hope that some one might pray for me and it might come true. Anyway, enough from my side. It was really nice being here Doctor, and knowing such a wonderful person as you. Thanks for everything, May God bless you!!