When I arrived on 10th May. I could only see on the left eye but after 2 days my sight improved slightly. I managed to read the first 2 lines using my right eye before that I could only see stars. On the eighth day my sight has improved so much on both eyes although the right eye is still not 100% but I can say its now 60% good.

Nelson M.   02 May 2013
An amazing experience! I came here with my left eye practically blind. Today as I leave I can read the newspaper, except the fine print, and the distant vision has also improved dramatically. The prositive vibes in the clinic are noteworthy. Dr. Chopra's positivety moves down in the staff, who are extremely nice and help the patients immensely. Thank you all! wishing you & the clinic the very best in the years to come!

Nupur M.   03 Apr 2013
My right eye has improved extreamely well,when I had lost all hope, Dr. Chopra has given me a new life. Thank you very much Dr. Chopra

U. K. Gurung   03 Apr 2013
There is noticable difference in my near vision as well as more clarity in far vision after under going treatment. Also, there is noticable reduction in black floaters. Besides these very positive developments, inputs and guidance provided by Dr. Chopra also is invaluable. Really amazing, incredible experience for me. Thanks you everso much Dr...

Naveen C   07 May 2012
After being diagnosed with Stargardt's disease my parents frantically searched for different treatments that could potentially improve my vision. When I first came to Doctor Avnish Chopra's Clinic, there was blind spot in the center of my vision and I could barely read any of the letters on the eye chart with my affected eye. Within one day of the acupuncture treatment session, I could already feel an improvement. The inner part of my central vision soon began to clear up. For example, I could see the features on my family members faces, a car driving in front of me on the road - all without the use of my un-affected eye. I am very greatful to Dr. Avnish Chopra and his staff. Thery are a team of caring and humble people. During treatments, Dr. Chopra was calm and patient yet very knowledgeable and skilled. Sister Jassi was very sweet and kind and Uma aunty made me feel at home. All in all, it was it was a very pleasant experience and I am sincerely thankful to the clinic for helping me with my condition. I will definitely be taking more follow-up treatments.

Tanishka K.   04 Mar 2013