This was a great experience for me. Dr. Chopra is full of positive aura and the positivity flows from his to you. The treatment here has been excellent for me and I am feeling very happy on a personal level. Would like to thank all of the staff for being to friendly with everyone.

Manan D.U.   14 Aug 2013
This is my third time for coming on here for treatment. The treatment is reliable and effective.

Ray   14 Aug 2013
When I found so many people are suffering from similar problem, I felt more relaxed & at ease that I am not the only one. Also seeing them living life normally and joyfully. I also get inspriration & confidence to more ahead in life.

Swapnil   14 Aug 2013
We meet so many people with similar problem, so you get lots of positive energy in life. It looks like a whole big family. This treatment has given me hope and lots of confidence to face life with more enthusiam & happiness.

Prachi   14 Aug 2013
It is an amazing experiece. The treatment not only heals your eyes but also your thought process & attitude towards life. Meeting people with similar problems & then at the end of each session, talking to them sharing experience. You more out with much healthier state of mind & eyes. My problem has stablized with the treatment. At last I would like to add that God gave us some problems in life but he also sends Angels who find solutions to this problem.

Pooja   14 Aug 2013