I would like to thank my Dr. A for the best time I had in Delhi.
Thank you

I read in the paper about Dr. A. Chopra. He is a very nice person.
There is a lot of improvement in my vision. I think in my opinion this is the best treatment for retina in the world. I am very much thankful to him.

A very positive and pleasant experience in a pleasant atmosphere. I feel that my vision has defiantly improved under the supervision of Dr. Chopra and sister Lizzy who have been very nice, smiling, patient and friendly to me.

Had given up hopes for regaining the precious sight due to degeneration of Retina. After seeing best of the Eye Surgeon around India the hope to regain sight had totally diminished. However, on being examined and treated by you with the method which is not only unique but result oriented, I was able to read clearly. From the distance of 16 inches, from 2 lines to 6 lines and subsequently 8 lines distinctly clear. It is nothing short of miracle. Your treatment has given me more confidence in being independent once again.
Our most sincere thanks from the bottom of our hearts.
May God bless you and your family and help many many more people with less vision/loss of vision.
We may further add here sir, that your staff at the center was not only courteous and cooperative but always helpful to one and all who approach them at the reception counter.
Sister Thomas assisting you also was very cooperative and caring all patients with her smile.
May God shower success on you.

Mr. Subodh
Thank you so much not only the treatment it was a pleasure meeting you as an individual. I would love to be in touch and hope to see you again.
Thanks again,