I thank you for the ray of hope that you have given me with your gift.
My warm regards and prayers.

Nabjit.   04 Nov 2006
This treatment has helped me with my eyes. I have felt much better and I will surely become ok very soon. This treatment is very good and not at all harmful.

There was sudden blurring in vision in my right eye. I showed to many doctors all advised P D T but there was no guarantee of improvement in the vision. I came to know about this treatment through my brother in law. I came here and started the treatment. Within two days I felt the improvement and on the last day I got my perfect vision and that is really amazing. Seven days stay was really very interesting for me in fact I learnt a lot about my disease from Dr. Chopra.
I wish all the best to Dr. Chopra.

Before I started I was tired of going from treatment to treatment. But now being here and seeing people and talking to them and realizing the importance of having a normal vision. I now have seen improvement in my own eyes and pray that this treatment will be a blessing to heal many people. The fact that there is a cure for an illness that there was no cure known in the world brings so much joy. I wish that this institution along with Dr. Avnish Chopra will help as many people as possible.
God bless

Dr. “C”
(Just like the sound of that)
The experience has been scintillating.
Vision has improved. Clarity is there in the vision. Friends say that it has done wonders to my confidence levels. I am also quitting the smoking habit.
Another revelation was that I was not alone. There are many like me and in worse conditions than I am. Hope the almighty heals them of their ailments through your colored magical needles.
Thank you

Abdul   22 Jul 2006