Thank you for your mild behaviours, good reponse in every corner. You are too good for satisfy of the patient. Your staff behaviour is very good.

Bajrang B.   15 Nov 2013
Thank God for discovering, based on the treatment I received so far and the medications, I believe I will get rapid improvement in my sight in the nearest future. Thank you so much Dr. Avnish Chopra for your hospitality and patience towards us.

Adebayo   12 Nov 2013
I would like to express my heartful gratitude to Dr. Chopra and the team, all of you had done a good job. I feel relax and comfortable while being here with Dr. I wish clinic4 all the best in the future. May God bless you all!

Boon   12 Nov 2013
Thank you for your co-operation and for my son eyes improvement. God bless you.

Abey A.   12 Nov 2013
I am a doctor by profession. I was diagnosed to have R.P. 5 years back. I am suffering from contracted vision in night, otherwise no problem during day time. As we know there is no treatment for R.P. so far. But Accupuncture really helps alot. It keeps your vision improved. Being a doctor I know the fate of the disease but I always believe in god and someday gene therapy will bring light to our eyes. After taking Accupuncture treatment, my night vision improves. I really thank Dr. Chopra by heart and wish him to continue doing the same work.Being a doctor I was not believing the Accupuncture therapy. But it really works. Still I don't know how? My sincere advice to all R.P. patient that don't think too much about your disease keep yourself busy in your work and believe in God. Science has progressed alot in every field. So don't keep your faith down and just chill up. Life is very beautiful and we should enjoy it at every moment. I hope we will be cured at the end of 2018. Till then continue doing accupuncture as Dr. Chopra advices and medications. At the end I loved the staff here who is very co-operative and friendly.

Dr.Amit   04 Sep 2013