Dr. Avnish Chopra

The MicroSystem Acupuncture treatment is performed for each patient by Dr. Avnish Chopra himself. No junior or assistant is deputed to perform this intricate and precise technique.

Dr.Avnish Chopra has been in active medical practise for more than 35 years. Since his graduation from the prestigious Armed Forces Medical College Pune in 1975, he has worked in many hospitals and clinics worldwide. Apart from his basic medical degree - M.B.B.S., he also took his medical specialist degree - doctorate in medicine - M.D.in Radiology & Medical Imaging. He was also conferred the Diploma in Acupuncture - D.Ac.

Dr.Chopra is one of the few practitioners of modern medicine who also uses acupuncture. Combining his vast experience in medicine with acupuncture gives him and his patients a distinct advantage.

Dr.Chopra founded his Clinic in Jor Bagh, New Delhi, in 1980. Apart from MicroSystem Acupuncture treatments for eye diseases, various other sophisticated medical diagnostic and therapeutic modalities are available. These are performed by highly trained medical specialists. Dr.Chopra now dedicates his time exclusively to the treatment of eye diseases using MicroSystem Acupuncture.

Dr.Avnish Chopra is registered with the Delhi Medical Council. He is a Life Member of the Indian Medical Association, the Delhi Medical Association and The Indian Radiology and Imaging Association.

Some press clippings on Dr.Chopra's medical career are given below.
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